Hello. I am Andrew Smith. On the web I am drewsmits.

NSURLSession Delegate Queue

This seems weird. It looks like there is a bug when creating an NSURLSession and passing in your own delegateQueue. I couldn’t find any documentation on this. I’ve asked stackoverflow, as well as filed a bug with Apple.

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Using Github Pages with Appledoc

In an attempt to give back to the open source Objective-C community, I’ve open sourced a couple of projects I’ve been working on. In addition to trying to create something novel, I want to build a documentation experience that is as useful companion to the code. None of my projects are as documented as they…

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XCode 4 Hangs at “Attaching to (App Name)”

I had a problem recently where XCode 4.2 would hang at “Attaching to <App Name>” when trying to run in the simulator.  I found a Stack Overflow question that had a lot of useful tips.  To summerize, try each one of these, in the order that they appear. Make sure your Build Settings>Product Name is the same…

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